Chemicals for Damp Proofing Purposes In London and Surrounding Areas

Damp Proofing Materials

With every different damp proofing course there are different requirements that must be met which involves different materials of different purposes. Although there are some requirements that must be met by all damp proofing materials;

  • Flexible
  • Impervious
  • Free from salts such as nitrates and sulphur chloride
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Strong and durable

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Chemicals for Damp Proofing Purposes In London and Surrounding Areas

Exchem Organics

Here at Exchem Organics, we provide high quality and tested chemicals to individuals and business' for damp proofing purposes. There are various methods of damp proofing courses available, the one that you require will depend on the type of damp that your property is suffering from and how much damage has already been done.

Part of our ethos is to be as environmentally aware and friendly as we can be. As a company that works with chemicals and modifies them we are very aware of the damage that could be carried out when working with chemicals but we can assure you that we dispose of all of our chemical waste in a safe manner.

When chemical damp proofing is carried out, it will usually be carried out alongside another process being, structural waterproofing. This will give the least change of the property being affected by damp again.

There are various different types of chemical damp proofing, all of which will be effective in different ways and last for different periods of time. There are some kits available which allows individuals to carry out a damp proofing course although this method will be far less effective than a industrial process being carried out.

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